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Webcoachs masters psychometrics and puts it at your service. Our algorithm works for you, to create your unique journey and develop your leadership skills.

A comprehensive skills development platform

Create your leadership journey

You already know it: a winning business approach is based on harmonious interpersonal relationships, effective time management and informed decision-making. To gather and motivate work teams, you must first know yourself and understand your own limits.

We transform leaders. We can help you become more efficient and create more stimulating work environments.

The new leadership is at the service of projects, teams and the development of the leader; it is based on a series of steps :

  • Mapping your development
  • Measurement of your evolution
  • Viewing your leadership profile
  • Use of big data in the development of your skills

A unique leadership development journey

Create your journey or that of your teams. Finally achieve your goals

For individuals

Each individual is different. Each course is unique. With the Webcoachs psychometric test, visualize your current profile, your desired profile and the steps to take to achieve professional success. Find the path to your success!
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For organizations

Effectively manage your teams and intelligently manage the development of their skills. Follow the evolution of your teams and visualize their learning thanks to our virtual support platform and detailed reports. We determine the profiles of your employees and your managers and create a tailor-made development plan for your organization.
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For organizations

The Webcoachs approach is based on a test, a profile, measurement tools and a course.

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Answer a few questions to establish your profile. The test only takes a few minutes to complete.

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The Webcoachs algorithm determines your path to your professional goals.

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The Webcoachs proposal

The Webcoachs proposal is based on years of research. We use a proven and unique psychometric test. We offer you to better understand who you are, what drives you and what you lack to achieve professional success.

Once the test is completed, an artificial intelligence and a Webcoachs advisor analyze your profile and offer you a training course and unique coaching for your progress towards your goals.

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