Training in professional coaching (ICF certification)

Become a certified professional coach with Webcoachs and SYMA coaching

More and more companies are looking for certified coaches to support their leaders and work teams. Webcoachs offers a training program for people who want to practice the profession of professional coach and for managers who want to develop their leadership to better support others in their professional practice.

The Webcoachs coaching training program is ACSTH accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The training is given in partnership with SYMA coaching, a company specializing in the training of professional coaches.

To develop your coaching skills and transform your leadership

Our training is based on an experiential approach to coaching and supervised practice of the profession. Participants are led to discover their own strengths and their abilities to positively influence others by embodying the best version of themselves. They define their coaching practice and deepen their field of expertise in action, benefiting from the supervision of experienced trainers to support them in their learning.

At the end of the training, you will have developed skills and assimilated knowledge that will allow you to have a positive impact with managers, entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders.

Why train with Webcoachs?


Access to experienced trainers


Human approach based on mutual aid, collaboration and practice


Certifying training that allows you to practice the profession of professional coach


ICF certification sought by executives, leaders and coaches


Introspective process that leads you to become the best version of yourself


Experiential workshops that quickly put theory into practice in order to find solutions


Leadership development to lead with more autonomy and vision


Development of a personalized style of coaching for more impact in business

The pedagogical approach

Our approach calls on the experimentation of coaching. It is based on practice, integration and observation. The theory is quickly put into practice from the first moments of the training. Participants thus themselves benefit from the benefits of coaching and become leaders who will train others.

From the start of the Webcoachs professional coaching training program, participants are encouraged to take action and receive personalized feedback from the trainers. They can thus integrate learning in a context of supervised practice, with the support of experienced coaches.

The coaching approach directly influences our pedagogical approach, so that each participant becomes aware of their own inner riches and potential, while assimilating theoretical knowledge. Participants are thus encouraged to discover and develop their own style of coaching, relying on solid theoretical foundations and personalized supervision.

Program of the training

The training lasts 60 hours, spread over 8 days. It is given entirely online. Participants have access to technological tools that facilitate contact with trainers and other participants.

Training plan

Module 1

The basics - essential skills and coaching structure

The training lasts 60 hours, spread over 8 days. It is given entirely online. Participants have access to technological tools that facilitate contact with trainers and other participants.

Module 2

The basics - essential skills and coaching structure

Introspection aimed at bringing participants to better understand their own strengths in order to call on them in their coaching practice.

Module 3

Coaching know-how – Coaching tools

Learning powerful coaching tools and exploring innovative support approaches.

Module 4

Integration and transformation

Definition of the coaching practice of the participants and putting into practice the learning. In this module, participants will have to demonstrate their mastery of the essential skills and the tools of coaching.

Who is professional coaching training for?

The training is intended for people who wish to improve their professional practice, become coaches and transform their leadership. It opens the door to new fulfillment in the career of a professional coach thanks to a certification sought after by employers, decision-makers and leaders.

Admission criteria

  • Have the intention to walk and progress in a process of serious introspection.
  • Have an interest in developing coaching skills or making a career out of it.
  • Have access to the Internet, a microphone and a webcam.
  • Have the desire to collaborate with other people engaged in a process of developing skills in coaching and leadership, with a view to caring mutual aid.

To know more

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