Develop your behavioral, human and professional skills

Take charge of your professional transformations

In person or online, Webcoachs accelerates your career path. Rely on our team of coaches who have helped many workers, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs to meet their professional and organizational challenges.

Tailor-made training program

Your journey to success

Big changes require appropriate support; Do you want to increase a team's productivity, develop interpersonal skills or modernize working methods? At Webcoachs, we will provide you with the knowledge, motivation and coaching necessary to take control of your professional transformations. We will establish together a tailor-made training plan, where you will develop the skills, attitudes and skills necessary for positive, human and transformative leadership.

Develop positive working relationships

Transform your people skills

Webcoachs simplifies the acquisition of the behaviors and skills necessary to manifest your leadership in a different way. Identify your current skills profile and create your individualized training path, adapted to your objectives. Learn how to become more efficient by taking advantage of the strengths of your employees, by developing communication methods based on the personality of your interlocutors and to build solid and lasting relationships with your partners, your teams and your customers.

Getting to know yourself better is the first step to transforming the way you demonstrate your leadership.

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A virtual training platform

Be independent in your learning

Webcoachs uses a virtual training platform designed specifically for online learning. As a group, team or individually, you will have access to tailor-made educational material, dynamic presentations and certified guides. Accelerate and optimize your learning: take your career to another level, motivate your work teams, and give yourself the means to achieve your professional ambitions.

The platform will allow you to visualize your achievements at all times in order to follow your progress step by step. Each module is accompanied by video clips, teaching materials and quizzes to measure your learning in real time.

Digital training solutions

Adapted by experienced coaches

The Webcoachs training path is suitable for workers, entrepreneurs, organizations and managers. Our programs apply to work teams as well as to individuals seeking to improve their productivity, gain interpersonal skills or demonstrate their leadership in other ways.

To learn more about the corporate solutions offered by Webcoachs, contact our team. After an analysis of your business objectives, we will establish a tailor-made training plan for your company.

Your personalized training course

Backed by top-level research in psychometrics

Our training course begins with a psychometric test. Once the test is completed, you get your profile by email for free. This profile targets your current strengths and the skills you still need to develop. At the same time, you receive your tailor-made course, prepared by our expert coaches according to the analysis of your results.

This path presents the various training courses, additional psychometric tests and coaching opportunities available to you to take charge of your professional transformations.

By answering the questions of the free Webcoachs profiling test, you receive:

A free leader profile

Are you a go-getter, persuasive, collaborator or coordinator?

Training modules adapted to your profile

What skills do you need to develop to achieve your goals?

Opportunities to work with experienced coaches

Meet experts who have seen others to accelerate your journey.

Psychometric tests based on your results

Measure your learning at each stage of your journey.

ICF certified training

Webcoachs partners with SYMA coaching to offer you professional coaching training. The training will lead you to develop your coaching skills and your leadership skills in order to become a certified coach.
Professional coaching training

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