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Psychometric tests are used to identify your profile, your skills and your attitudes. They are reliable and proven tools by Webcoachs to support entrepreneurs and workers who wish to develop effective and human leadership. Our test makes it possible to identify your leadership skills and competencies to help you fully deploy your strengths and your capacities as a unifier.

At Webcoachs, we create unique training paths for each individual and for each organization.

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What kind of leader are you?

The way you approach others says a lot about your leadership style. When the situation becomes difficult, the progress of your projects suffers, but also your interpersonal relationships, the morale and the efficiency of your teams.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these profiles?

The exhausted HR manager

Does the management of your work teams exasperate you?

The Worried Entrepreneur

Do you lack solutions to stay competitive?

The exhausted and worn out leader

Do you feel exhausted in your efforts to complete your projects?

The professional who needs change

Is your career leading you in the right direction?

If your situation is cause for concern, take a step back. Take this unique opportunity to rediscover yourself, transform your way of looking at leadership, by putting yourself at the service of others and yourself.

Do not let yourself be defined by your current situation or by a pessimistic state of mind. With Webcoachs, you will discover the profile of leader that hides in you.

Build your personal leadership profile

Your personal leadership style sheds light on how you communicate with others, how you manage your interpersonal relationships and how you collaborate.

Establishing your personal leadership profile, for example, allows you to better understand the discomforts you may feel in your relationships with certain people and the challenges that may arise when you have to work with your subordinates or your leaders.

But even more, your profile is a tool to fully realize yourself. You will be able to identify your areas of strength and the skills to develop. We then offer you a personalized, tailor-made course that will help you measure your progress and achieve your goals.

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Everyone has their own style of leadership

What kind of leader are you?

The test presents the 4 major styles of leadership:

Red – the Go-Getter

Leader who likes to take responsibility and decide quickly. They show a clear tendency to want to influence – or control – actions and thoughts.

Yellow – the Persuasive

Leader who influences thoughts and actions by taking the time and the means to convince. They are adept at solving problems.

Green – the Collaborator

Leader who communicates easily and who is sensitive to the needs of others. They seek to avoid conflicts and to reconcile different points of view.

Blue – the Coordinator

Leader who likes to communicate and who is interested in change and innovation. They never hesitate to delegate to influence those around them.

Your test will allow you to identify your current skills profile. You will know your leadership style, your affinities with other leadership styles and also the areas of conflict likely to slow down your relationships and your projects.

The course will suggest areas for improvement, such as:

  • Develop assets to better communicate with the four leadership styles
  • Strengthen your current strengths in order to demonstrate your leadership with confidence
  • Master management methods that allow your team members to achieve fulfillment while developing their own leadership
  • Learn ways to build healthy relationships with your customers, partners and managers
  • Implement collaborative methods to increase productivity.

Transform your leadership with the unique approach of Webcoachs, which accompanies you step by step!

What type of leader do you want to become?

A test resulting from years of research

Developing skills and leadership

The test on which the Webcoachs course is based is the result of years of scientific research in communication, leadership and skills development. Our analysis of your profile in four quadrants has its origins in an approach used by experts and researchers all over the planet. Our team has integrated this recognized method with the challenges of skills development and leadership in order to create the four profiles at the heart of the course offered by Webcoachs.

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