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Would you like to transform your leadership?

Do you have enough influence to keep your employees motivated and engaged? Do you feel in control of your career path? Would you like to discover the best aspect of the leader in you?

Webcoachs offers a free psychometric test that identifies your current skills profile. You will know your leadership style, your affinities with other leadership styles and also the areas of conflict likely to slow down your relationships and your projects.

But even more, your profile is a tool to fully realize yourself. You will be able to identify your areas of strength and the skills to develop. We then offer you a personalized, tailor-made course that will help you measure your progress and achieve your goals.

Would you like to transform your leadership?

  • Go to the test page.

  • Sign up.

  • Answer the questions.

  • Receive your results and personalized development journey within 48 hours.

The 4 styles of leadership: find out who you are

Red – the Go-Getter

Leader who likes to take responsibility and decide quickly. They show a clear tendency to want to influence – or control – actions and thoughts.

Yellow – the Persuasive

Leader who influences thoughts and actions by taking the time and the means to convince. They are adept at solving problems.

Green – the Collaborator

Leader who communicates easily and who is sensitive to the needs of others. They seek to avoid conflicts and to reconcile different points of view.

Blue – the Coordinator

Leader who likes to communicate and who is interested in change and innovation. They never hesitate to delegate to influence those around them.

Why take the test?

  • To better understand your current leadership style
  • To define the skills and abilities you need to develop
  • To optimize the conditions for the success of your projects
  • To improve collaboration with your teams and partners
  • To develop communication techniques adapted to the style of your employees
  • To achieve greater satisfaction in your interpersonal and professional relationships
  • To become more efficient and unifying

Are you ready to become a unifying leader?

Take the test and start your journey!

What information does the test provide access to?

Taking the test gives you free access to your leader profile, as well as a development path tailored to your leadership style.

  • Your leadership profile (free)
  • A tailor-made development path
  • A digital training and coaching platform
  • Personalized support from an experienced team
  • Other tests to measure and understand your learning


Unlike free psychometric tests available all over the web, Webcoachs uses a unique algorithm, developed specifically to compile your answers. A coach then personally analyzes your results to determine your profile.

There is no commitment: you can take the test and receive your profile without buying the course that will be offered to you. You can also buy individual training and coaching sessions if you wish. Your profile will then allow us to know you better and to offer you the best services for you.

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