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Benefit from tailor-made support
Do you have to manage major changes in your organization or your career, ensure knowledge transfer or improve efficiency? In person or virtually, Webcoachs supports you in your professional career.

Bring out your leadership skills

Positively transform your professional relationships by putting yourself at the service of your employees and your projects

Which leader are you? Webcoachs offers you an approach to leadership at the antipodes of traditional philosophies and a new way to succeed. By placing yourself at the service of your projects, you will bring out the best in your employees, your teams and your professional relationships.

The true leader positively transforms the world around him. Bring out the best version of the leader you can be, with the support of our professional coaches.

Support your professional development

With experts who have seen others

The Webcoachs team is made up of experienced professional coaches in a variety of fields. No matter what professional challenge you or your team are facing, our coaches have been through it before in their careers.

  • Leadership development
  • Communication, mobilization and teamwork
  • Performance improvement and innovation
  • Time and priority management
  • Decision making
  • Conflict management and managerial courage
  • Development of an internal customer-oriented culture
  • And more.

Expert advice when you need it

Improve the spirit of collaboration and achieve your goals faster.

We rely on collaborative approaches that enrich your working relationships on a daily basis. Communicate more easily with your customers and partners, lead your work teams to achieve better productivity or manage your responsibilities more effectively; our coaches are available to accompany you.

We work with you to improve your human, relational, behavioral and professional skills to generate deep and lasting transformations. Our approach allows you to stand out for your professional efficiency as much as for your attitudes as a human and empathetic leader.

Virtual coaching solutions

Adapted to the needs of professionals and organizations

Our coaching services are suitable for workers, entrepreneurs, organizations and leaders.

To learn more about the corporate solutions offered by Webcoachs, contact our team. After an analysis of your business objectives, we will establish a tailor-made training plan for your company.

A technological coaching platform

At the service of your development and your projects

Our platform simplifies contact with our coaches. You will have access to virtual meeting rooms, instant messaging and email to chat with us. The Webcoachs team is always available as a virtual coach to meet your specific challenges, as they arise.

To access our coaching services, all you have to do is to take the test! Your profile will be established for free and you will be in contact with the best guides for your projects. The test gives access to a personalized course where you will find training, coaching sessions and psychometric tests.

Instant messaging

Chat in real time with your coach.

Virtual chat

Access a virtual room to make your meetings.

Making appointments

Make an appointment quickly and easily.

Planned session

Meet your coach as part of your development journey.

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