Webcoachs is more than a development platform

It is a team that accompanies you at each stage of your professional transformations

Our vision of leadership

We believe that the best leaders are those who help others achieve and surpass themselves, because they have done the work themselves first.

Active internationally and open to the world, Webcoachs offers innovative solutions to develop the know-how and leadership of individuals, teams and organizations from diverse cultures.

We rely on a service that stands out for its quality, diversity and flexibility.

We want to contribute to the development and autonomy of entrepreneurs, workers and managers by offering them the opportunity to create meaning in the construction of their careers.

Our mission with future leaders

We place digital technologies and psychometric research at the service of your professional development

Webcoachs offers an innovative technological platform to provide support and training services to people and organizations wishing to propel their professional development and reach the highest levels.

Our approach aims to bring about profound transformations to bring out talents and empathetic leadership. Through the use of psychometric tests, the creation of a leadership profile and drawing on cutting-edge research in psychometrics, we create personalized development paths that help each individual to realize themselves and positively influence those around them.

Our core values



Listening is the foundation of any relationship. We believe that it is by giving you our full attention that we will find, with you, the perfect action plan to achieve your goals.



With Webcoachs, you get much more than a profile and a course. You receive support from a team of experts you can count on. Our investment in your success is uncompromising so that you get the best of what we have to offer.



Our team makes your development its main priority. We are committed both personally and professionally to your journey in order to invest ourselves fully in your success.

Live the Webcoachs course

Become an essential leader

Webcoachs wants to support leaders who want to help others get the best out of themselves. Committing to the Webcoachs journey is taking the first step towards your success, and that of those around you.

Our history

A cooperative drawing on the intelligence of a community of professional development experts

Since our very beginnings, we sincerely believe that it is the strength of the group, constructive exchanges and healthy communication that are the source of a successful professional approach. Our approach relies on the close collaboration of our team with each client. It is by calling on collective intelligence and high-level scientific research that we have created our cooperative of experts.

Our story has its origins in research on service leadership, in new approaches to the psychology of leaders, which have left a positive and caring mark on the world. Webcoachs draws its strength from the collective knowledge accumulated over decades in psychoanalysis, psychometrics and communication. This contemporary knowledge helps shape a new generation of community service leaders.

Alain Castonguay

ICF Professional Coach

Alain Castonguay is trained in professional coaching from the Coaching de gestion school. He holds a master's degree (M.Sc.) in administration, profile in intervention and organizational change from l’école de gestion de l’université de Sherbrooke, he is also preparing a doctorate in entrepreneurship, after obtaining a bachelor's degree in sociology. He has worked for many years in several organizations, in the field of training and management; He has more than forty years of experience in leading and coordinating work teams as well as in strategic management and organizational development.

Recognized for his attentive listening and his ability to synthesize, Alain is fundamentally motivated by the growth of people and the harmony of work teams in their organization. To do this, he is interested in concrete means to set people, professionals or managers in motion and lead them to achieve the desired change by the most appropriate path.


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